Thursday, March 17, 2011

How shallow is the deep end?

So, today's my birthday. And I get to stay home from school (which is work for me) because Cassidy's sick. It's been pretty ok, with the exception of a minor hormone-related breakdown we won't talk about. We ended up going to the doctor because her ear was hurting again, and as I suspected her ear infection from last week never cleared up. I should have been a doctor. (That was a joke.)

We had a little time to kill after the doctor visit since the Nurse Practitioner had faxed a prescription in to Fred's Pharmacy for us. Time to kill demands retail therapy! My birthday was totally redeemed in a matter of minutes. I took my $10 off any $10 purchase to the local JCPenney and hit a $2.97 sale rack right off the bat. Nothing like that to lift the mood! In addition, the shirts I tried on fit like a dream, thanks to some recent time in the gym and
adjustments to the old eating habits. But that's not even the best part. Wait for it, wait for it...
AREN'T THEY GORGEOUS???!!! Now, you may be thinking, "What's the big deal? They're red shoes!" Yes. Yes, they are. They are THE red shoes I found at JCPenney on sale in NOVEMBER that have been out of stock both in the store and online ever since. They are THE red shoes that I was so sad were no longer available. And they are THE red shoes that I got myself for my birthday.

I realize that may sound pretty shallow and materialistic. But it's not like I cried about not getting the shoes, or obsessed over it, or bought other junk I didn't need instead. I just got really, really happy today when I was able to buy them. On sale. With my $10 off coupon. In addition to my $2.97 shirts. So you may say it's shallow and materialistic, but I say it's relishing the small things. Besides, the shallow end can be a little shallow. It's the deep end that can't. And I have a deep end that isn't so concerned with shoes and purses. I do happen to love both, partly because they only make you look better and almost never make you look fat. But I also care about world peace. So for now, I'm just gonna be happy about my new shoes.

"Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...."


  1. A birthday that includes shopping and shoes sounds like a great birthday to me! And you saying your shirts fit like a dream because of some recently spent time at the gym was encouraging to me! I started running again and even though I have yet to see the results with my pre-pregnancy shirts fitting any better I will just keep going... :-)

  2. Love, love, LOVE the red shoes!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!! So I went to read your archives and noticed the last time you blogged you had a sick child. Am I starting to see a pattern? Hope Cassidy gets better and that you get to blog more often and when your children are well :)


  4. AWESOME Red Shoes....Penny's must be the magic store for Awesome shoes because I thought they were out of my favorite pair of boots on Black Friday BUT they actually sent them to me at the sale price of $29.99. I was so happy i thought i would cry. A pair of Clark boots for $29.99?.....It just doesn't happen. SO I TOTALLY GET YOUR EXCITEMENT!

    AND....I love your blog